Everything you need to know about Dropshipping

Everything you need to know about Dropshipping

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In fact, many people who do Amazon, or many people who do Wish, feel that Payoneer is only a platform payment connection, as everyone knows, Payoneer's business scope is very wide.

Especially in the traffic market, many of those who make alliances and run offers are using Payoneer to collect payments.

The world's most powerful traffic masters, there are too many people with the ability to drain traffic, not to mention that many are individuals or small teams, but their liquidity is very strong, and Payoneer just acted in this process. Important roles are very popular among these groups.

For example, if you are an Amazon affiliate, you will find that after you have worked hard to attract traffic and generate an order, then you can receive payment in the following three ways:

  • Gift card
  • Check
  • Bank card

If you use Gift Card, it is very troublesome, you have to go to eBay to exchange, and there are losses, which is not worthwhile.

If you use a check, it will take a month to send it to you, and you have to take your ID card and a copy to the bank for processing. After the bank collects the money and collects the money, you will also be charged a certain handling fee. Take another month, and that adds up to two months.

Bank cards are often needed in the United States, and most people do not have them.


So what to do?

At this time, Payoneer can come in handy, you can apply for a virtual card on Payonee's official website as a collection.

Applying for a Payoneer card is equivalent to obtaining a virtual U.S. bank account that can accept funds from Payoneer partners through the US Payment Service. (including Amazon and Paypal).

And Payoneer also has a physical card. With the physical card, you can withdraw money from any ATM machine with the MasterCard logo in China, you can also swipe your card to shop online such as Taobao or foreign shopping websites, and you can also use it to buy foreign hosts and domain names.

For example, we are doing dropshipping, especially using shopify to do dropshipping, you will find that the stripe and 2checkout that you can't handle can be done with payoneer.

For example, when our Chinese do dropshipping, you will find that you cannot place an order on AliExpress, so you can use payoneer instead.

Well, back to the front, today our topic is dropshipping, everything you need to know.


Have you noticed that the topic of dropshipping is being mentioned more and more times? Especially with the popularity of shopify, many people who want to start a business quickly will choose the following set of modes:

Shopify+AliExpress+facebook :

  • Shopify: used to quickly build a website, buy plug-ins, buy themes, build very quickly
  • AliExpress: used to buy and sell products, retailers earn the difference
  • Facebook: Used to get traffic quickly

In this process, the important thing is not the issue of building a website. As long as you choose a good product, find the profit point of the product, and deduct the cost of marketing costs, then the effective point is the profit point.

What is dropshipping?

In a transaction, there are actually three different roles:

◎ Supplier

◎ Retailers

◎ Customer

The reason is very simple. Retailers take goods from suppliers and sell them to customers through certain channels. This is a very common sales model for us.

Whether you do eBay, Amazon, or AliExpress, you follow this model.

Dropshipping actually follows this model, but the process is lighter. Retailers now:

◎ No need to get the goods by yourself

◎ out of stock

◎ There is no large capital investment (the main cost is in the cost of drainage)

◎ No customer service required

◎ No need to pack and ship by yourself


How about the whole process of dropshipping?

Stage 1: Retailers put product information provided by suppliers who support drop shipping on their own websites

The second stage: the buyer places an order on the retailer's website, and the retailer sends the buyer's order information, ordering cost and shipping fee to the supplier who supports the drop shipping business.
The final third stage: what the retailer earns is the difference between "buyer's payment - supplier's payment - shipping".

You can see:

In the first stage: retailers sell their products online, often using shopify to build (you can of course sell on other websites, we will talk about this later)

In the second stage: the retailer sends the buyer's order information to the supplier, which is the mode of reselling (often using oblero)

In the third stage: the retailer earns the difference


Let's do a comparison:

Traditional method:

In the traditional method, you first need a certain amount of startup capital, right, assuming your startup capital is 10W RMB. Then, you open another store. At this time, you may go to alibaba.com to purchase goods. How much is the cost of getting the goods? Suppose the cost is 4w RMB.

The remaining 6w still have various expenses, so there is not much money for advertising promotion. And more importantly, the goods you stock up can't be sold in a day or two.

If you choose the wrong product, then there may be slow sales in this process, inventory pressure, and advertising conversion will not work, then the goods will become inventory, and your pressure will be placed.

Dropshipping mode:

With Dropshipping, there is no such problem. In the Dropshipping business model, the seller successfully transfers the inventory risk to the supplier, and also outsources the packaging and delivery of the order to the supplier, so he only needs to focus on the operation and promotion of the website. .

In this way there is no inventory, and don't deal with shipping, packaging, you just need to spend time on marketing, getting more traffic, or you can have more time to test the product.

Then in this process, it means that more budget can be invested in advertising promotion. The same entrepreneurial cost can be promoted with at least 80% of the cost in the dropshipping mode.

So from this point of view, the advantages of dropshipping are obvious!


Why do many use facebook to attract traffic?

In fact, specifically, it should be the use of facebeook advertisements to drain traffic! In the pattern we mentioned earlier, we said:


You can use shopify to quickly build a website, use AliExpress to sell products (generally 15%~50% profit), and then use facebook advertising to quickly test products

So in the first two stages, in fact, you don’t need to spend too much time, so it is faster to test the effect of products directly with advertisements, so you hear less (pay attention to vocabulary), and people who do dropshipping rely on seo to optimize traffic , you are more likely to hear the use of facebook ads to attract traffic

The principle is here. Quickly test the product and quickly find the profit point suitable for the product. This is a charm of dropshipping!

Therefore, I think in the dropshipping model, I think the most important thing is your ability to select products and your ability to obtain traffic. These two points are the most important!















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