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Meet ChinaAndWorld Print-On-Demand Service

We take care of vectorizing designs, sourcing, printing and packaging all at 30% cheaper price.

Billions of SKUs

Our competitors only have few dozens of products to choose from. We have billions. From the phone cases for extinct Motorolas to plus sizes up to 9XL.

Intelligent Listing

Our proprietary software automatically apply your designs onto our vast product pool, and publishes to all of your online stores. Our optional AI algorithm can help you distill design elements and attract more accurate traffic.

Automated Fulfillment

Once an order comes in, you can count on us to deliver an exceptional customer experience. We receive order details within seconds, vectorize designs for printing quality, print carefully, add custom notes and gifts, package them and deliver to clients worldwide in timely manner.


Save time on creating large images that are usually 20,00x20,000 and 30MB or more. Our software automatically turn low resolution image into zero-loss scalable vectors ready for high-definition printing. We only need a minimum image size of 300x300.

Customize Tracking

Because we pull information directly from cargo airplanes, trucks and ships, we have the ability to customize tracking information from the source code. Our tracking software enables merchants to gain precise control over tracking information displayed - such as country of origin, tips of delivery, estimated time arrival (ETA), and even custom cartoon (.gif) at each stage.

unlimited choices

We enable you to harness the full power of Chinese manufacturing. Billions of SKUs to print, imprint, engrave, 3D-print, dye, embroider, and more.

Must be expensive, right?

No. With all that perks, we are still able to achieve 30% reduction on price from your current suppliers, because of our economy of scale and high operating efficiency.

Our Print-on-demand products

We are increasing the number of products available on daily basis. If you have a product that's currently not included here, feel free to send us the image or link at We will get the quote for you within 24 hours.

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