WeChat Pay x ChinaAndWorld 我们已接入微信支付

WeChat Pay x ChinaAndWorld 我们已接入微信支付

We are announcing our official partnership with Tencent's WeChat Pay. Clients may now use WeChat Pay and it's affiliated solutions in correspondence with our platforms and services. Follow our account "ChinaAndWorld" on WeChat to get started. The tutorial will be in Chinese.



1. 点进公众号的菜单进入“服务缴费”:
2. 也可以从介绍页面进“服务缴费”:
3. 打开并等待收银台载入
3. 填入订单信息
4. 点击“Pay Now”并等待微信支付载入
5. 输入支付密码完成支付
6. 支付成功!



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