Sourcing Agent

Let ChinaAndWorld identify, negotiate, and manage relationships with suppliers to ensure high-quality products at competitive prices, streamlining the procurement process.

Buy Directly from Factory

The majority of factories in China do not speak English. Dealers on AliExpress and Alibaba are not the ones who make the products. Equipped with native Chinese, English, French, Spanish and more, our team can help you undercut middlemen and establish your relationship directly with factories.

Multi-Cultural Approach

Differences in culture norms between China and the West are significant. If you have been in this industry long enough, you know how hard it is to keep everyone on the same page across the globe. With us, we will always make sure there is no cultural shock stands in the way. Understanding exactly what you mean and communicate that to factories in its full extent and depth.

Local Contract Enforcement

We set up legal contract under local jurisdictions, improving the effectiveness and reducing the cost of enforcing contractual obligations. Manufacturing is messy, yet our enforcement can give you a peace of mind.

Due Diligence Made Right

Our team will be on the ground visiting factories before placing large orders, just to make sure everything is as expected. We can also tap into our vast network of elite connections in China and beyond to perform background check on certain business people or organizations.

Get a competitive edge.

There are thousands of new sellers entering the market everyday due to intense advertisements by motivational bloggers and ecommerce gurus. With exclusive pricing against your competitors, chances are if they put up a fight, you can comfortably let them bring it on.


Privacy Guarded

Many Chinese suppliers share your secrets with your competitors in order to benefit themselves. With ChinaAndWorld acting as the intermediary between you and the suppliers, they won't know anything unnecessary. They only see our address, not yours.

Faster Turnover

It is likely that factories ask for payment in cash when buying in balk. We can take payment such as credit card, Quick Pay, checks, installment, pay-in-4, and many more, so that you can choose to pay back after customers pay you. There won't be any financial burden hindering your growth.

Always On Call

We are available on our website chat, email, phone call, Skype, Google Hangout, Trello, Slack and many more. Your team can seamlessly work with ChinaAndWorld team despite of the vastness of pacific ocean.

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