IoT-Based Industrial Automation

Our Smart Industrial Automation Service utilizes advanced ChinaAndWorld IoT Platform-connected sensors and actuators to enhance manufacturing efficiency while reducing hardware complexity.

Cloud-Based IoT Platform

ChinaAndWorld IoT is built on top of ChinaAndWorld Industrial Cloud platforms - the centralized management system that manages the reception and transmission of data, bridging all sensors and actuators in a production line. With ChinaAndWorld, your servo motors are not controlled by dumb PLCs, but by our smart cloud that knows how much power to output for each electrical coil every milisecond.

Ultra-Low Latency

ChinaAndWorld IoT solutions is based on industry-leading high performance, low latency servers that shrinks response time to miliseconds. By taking advantage of our adjacency system and websocket dual directional data transfer, the resulting system is as robust as Tesla Gigafactories'.

Over-The-Air (OTA) Updates

With ChinaAndWorld, your firmware will not be "firm". We centrally manage the firmwares in all of our devices, bringing the latest security and functionality features while ensuring continuity.