Supply Chain Pricing

We provide clear and upfront pricing that eliminates the need for lengthy negotiations and ensures that there are no unexpected surprises.

The Types of Fees

Our fee structure include 3 parts: monthly subscription and service surcharge and special project fees.

Monthly Subscription

We charge a flat fee of $10 a month to get started and establish a dedicated point of contact with our team. You can message us anytime in the duration of our service.

Service Surcharge

We charge a flat rate of 3%. Service surcharge incurrs when you purchase inventory, pay for warehouse & logistics, and project-based services such as marketing, development, dual diligence.

Project Fee

If you need a special project set up, such as automated production line, custom PCB designs and factory dual dilligence, you will be quoted with a project fee based on the amount of time and resources required.


We offer a flexible space for your inventory to be stored at your preferred location.

Chinese Warehouse

This option gives you proximity to your factories, significantly reducing the risk of unsold inventory, increase capital liquidity, and cut feedback loop so that errors can be corrected before it's too late.

Chinese Warehouse is priced at $2 per day per pallet.

Global Warehouse

This option gives your customers a better experience overall: from the 1-3 days shipping to the ease of returns, building on a loyalty that cut your customer acquisition cost significantly.

Global Warehouse starts at $5 per day per pallet, contact us for more details.


We offer global logistics to warehouses, to the end customers and to anywhere in between.

Logistics Fees

Logistics fees include the total cost of transporting your shipments from our warehouse to your customers. This includes the fees for ships, airplanes, trucks, the delivery workforce and all the necessary digital infrastructure that enables tracking.

This fee starts from $3 per package.

Packaging & Materials

Packaging & material fees covers the cost of external protective boxes, external bags for apparels, internal branded packaging, flyers, stickers, pamphlets, logos, warning notices and more.

This fee starts from $1 per package.

Labor Fee

Labor fee covers all labor costs, including the reception of your product from factories, stock up the products, pick up orders, apply custom prints, add materials, apply tapes and reinforcement materials, and handling of your packages.

This fee starts from $1 per package

POD starts from $2 per item