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Product Sourcing

We help you achieve 20% or more price reduction with your suppliers. We negotiate in mandarin Chinese and local dialects, and set up legal contract structure under China's domestic jurisdictions.

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Reliable Logistics

Many of our clients chose to store inventory and fulfill orders directly from our warehouse in China. Our extensive logistics network and convenient access to China's manufacturing powerhouse will help securing the best route during supply chain disruptions.

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Custom Packaging

Stand out of competition by customizing key moments of your shopping journey. Our team will take care of the printing, packaging, scents, thank-you notes, birthday gifts and many more to inpire your customers.

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Our Team

Our team is composed of elite international trade experts, including former employees of Alibaba, McKinsey, European Parliament and many more. All of us have both overseas working experience and local Chinese business know-hows. You can count on us to make things right for your business.


They are super amazing to work with! I told them what I needed and they immediately called a dozen factories and helped me find the lowest price. They sorted out shipping and ensured it was set out! In under a week, my products were in the US!! I highly recommend.

Helen from U.S.A.

ChinaAndWorld and its team are knowledgeable, dependable and who you want to work with if you are looking for any business support services in this industry. Our business has benefited greatly from their help, and we look forward to continuing our relationship!

Robin from U.S.A.

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