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Our One-Stop Dropshipping Service is everything you'll need for supply chain. We package and ship orders according to your instructions, so that you can focus on what matters the most - scaling your business.

AliExpress is Overpriced

Layers of dealers are eating into your profits. With ever more competitive environment, it's important to buy directly from factories. Our local experts can get boots on the ground and secure deals. We are your eyes and ears on the ground, negotiate for maximum price reduction.

Stop Intellectual Property Theft

Many factories gather intel on where you sell and how much you sell, while others steal your trade secret outright and share it with their other clients in order to benefit themselves. With One-Stop Dropshipping Service, we act as an intermediary between you and your suppliers, so that they don't stand a chance to know your profit margin.

Automate Your Workflow

Successful entrepreneurs focus on what matters. Our 100% automatic sourcing and fulfillment service saves you time and money. Within seconds, our proprietary software receives order details from your backend, prints shipping label and packages your products ready to dispatch within 24 hours.

Flexible & Reliable Logistics

During holiday seasons, you need a plan B to overcome crowded shipping lines. We explore all possible shipping routes and takes advantage of major Asian transportation hubs such as Singapore and Seoul, just to make sure it is your products that can be in time for Christmas.

Dropship From 200+ Global Platforms

100% Automated

We guarantee that there will be absolutely nothing you need to worry about when an order comes in (not even opening a chrome extension). We automatically receive order details and pack orders accordingly within 24 hours. The best of all, you have the total control of the entire process.

Ultra-Flexible Logistics

Our fulfillment network spans across major Chinese cities as well as cities across the globe. With Chinese warehouse, you can dropship anything, literally. With on-shore warehouses, you can beat Amazon in customer satisfaction.

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Privacy Guarded

Many Chinese factories share your business secrets with your competitors in order to benefit themselves. With ChinaAndWorld in between you and the manufacturer, they won't stand a chance. We will make sure they won't know anything unnecessary.

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