AI Immersion Week
Silicon Valley Edition

October 1st - 7th, 2023

The advent of LLMs is taking the world by storm, East and West alike. Recognizing the tremendous potential of AI and vibrant innovation across regions, the two global citizens from two generations, Jay and Pankaj, are coming to gether with a shared vision for AI to bulid three bridges.

Bridge 1

Between academia and industry

Bridge 2

Between East and West

Bridge 3

Between Now and Future

Jay Wang

Tech Executive, Chief Investment Officer, Angel Investor, Education Enthusiast

Applying AI to edtech, social media, home electronics with market cap ranging from $100m to $30bn

Early stints at Goldman Sachs, BlackRock, Fidelity, Generation Investment Management, and Sequoia Capital

Schooled at Cambridge, INSEAD, across 5 countries

Pankaj Kedia

AI investor, Venture Partner, CXO Advisor, Exec Mentor, Adjunct Professor and Board Member

AI expertise spanning rules-based, ML / Big Data, and Generative AI

ex- Qualcomm & Intel Tech Intrapreneur who incubated and scaled industry's first modern laptops, smartphones, tablets, wearables, and audio devices

Schooled at Stanford, Wharton, Univ of Michigan, and IIT

Today, we're on the verge of turning this vision into a reality. The event – "AI Immersion Week - Silicon Valley Edition" – is not just to create an immersive experience of all aspects of AI, but also to spark meaningful conversations, deepen global understanding, and encourage synergetic partnerships. Together we will catalyze a revolution that rejects the path of separation, embraces the ethos of global cooperation, and acknowledges the potential of AI as a tool for goodness and progress.

High Profile Visits

You will be addressing a small yet dynamic group of high-profile business owners, investors, entrepreneurs and thought leaders from Asia and Europe. Among the visiting delegation are:

  • Nationally renowned professor and thought leader
  • General partner at tier-1 venture capital
  • Founding team of unicorns and other startup
  • Upper management of leading enterprise
Hot AI Topics

Sample topics on which the visiting group would be keen to discuss:

  • What will happen next in AI development beyond LLM?
  • How business landscape of AI will change in the future?
  • Where will AI take various industries in 10 years time?
  • What implication does AI have on how to educate our children and the next generation?
  • How should enterprises address security and privacy issues from AI?
  • How to look for new entrepreneurial opportunities in AI?

Join us as we rewrite the narrative, challenge the status quo, and make strides in an AI-led future that is inclusive, collaborative, and above all, global. Your voice matters, your ideas can inspire, and together, we can lead the path to the future.